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Trends and Predictions: Subscription Boxes in the Digital Market
submitted on 22 September 2023 by
Once Upon A Subscription (Box) If Shakespeare were alive today, he'd have a subscription box delivered to his door. I'm sure of it. In fact, as you read this, you can almost hear the faint rustle of parchment as the Bard excitedly unboxes his monthly delivery of quills, ink pots, and ruff more

Powering Ecommerce: AI-Driven Recommendation Engines
submitted on 20 September 2023 by
Revolutionizing the Shopping Experience Imagine, if you will, the shopping mall of the future. Shelves lined not with solitary cans of tomato soup or lonely pairs of socks, but rather products that seem to know you better than you know yourself. Perhaps even better than your spouse, your best more

Opportunities and Challenges in Ecommerce for Emerging Markets
submitted on 18 September 2023 by
Taking the Plunge into the Swirling Vortex of Ecommerce When I gaze into the crystal ball of our increasingly digitized world, the swirling vortex of ecommerce in emerging markets emerges, pulsating and throbbing with opportunity and challenge. Much like a game of Jenga, we must carefully navigate more

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