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Laser Tag 4 Hire, the UK's leading laser tag rental company, has been providing top-notch entertainment for over 14 years. Renowned for their family-run business ethos, they have successfully entertained over 500,000 people, earning a reputation for excellence. Their services are designed to cater to a wide range of events, from children's parties to corporate team-building exercises, ensuring a memorable and fun-filled experience for all participants.

The company offers an array of laser tag packages, each tailored to suit different needs and age groups. Their equipment, known for being the latest in laser tag technology, is designed to be user-friendly and safe for ages 5 to 95. The packages include everything necessary for a successful event, from phasors and medic boxes to optional extras like inflatable obstacles and smoke grenades. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients have everything they need for an engaging and exciting laser tag experience.

Laser Tag 4 Hire stands out for its commitment to customer convenience and satisfaction. They offer hassle-free delivery and collection services, delivering equipment one to two days before the event and including an extra day for free on weekend hires. Their 24/7 customer support and willingness to beat any written quote by 10% further demonstrate their dedication to providing value and quality service. With a promise of a safe, enjoyable, and hassle-free experience, Laser Tag 4 Hire remains the go-to choice for laser tag enthusiasts across the UK.

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Awesome Party Box

The Awesome Party Box from Laser Tag 4 Hire is an ideal choice for indoor and outdoor fun, suitable for ages 5 and up. It includes the Awesome Phasor, known for its user-friendly design, additional red dot sight, and headband sensors. With a range of 80 meters and a battery life of up to 8 hours, it ensures an engaging laser tag experience. The package also comes with an instruction pack, game ideas, spare kit, and more, making it perfect for parties and events.
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Ultimate Party Box

Laser Tag 4 Hire's Ultimate Party Box is designed for ages 8 and above, offering an enhanced laser tag experience with the Ultimate Phasor. This model features a red dot sight, headband sensors, and a remarkable range of 100 meters. The phasor's slightly heavier design adds to the realism of the game. The package includes all necessary accessories and support for a seamless event, making it a popular choice for more challenging and thrilling laser tag battles.
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Extreme Party Box

The Extreme Party Box from Laser Tag 4 Hire caters to players aged 8 and above, featuring the advanced Extreme Phasor. This phasor stands out with its 120-meter range and robust design, offering an immersive gaming experience. Like other packages, it includes essential accessories and support for a hassle-free setup. This package is ideal for those seeking an intense and dynamic laser tag adventure, providing an unforgettable experience for all participants.
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Difference Between Each Phasor

Laser Tag 4 Hire offers a detailed comparison of their phasor models, helping customers choose the right equipment for their needs. Each model, including the Awesome, Ultimate, and Extreme Phasors, is designed for specific age groups and offers unique features like varying ranges and battery life. This guide enhances the gaming experience by allowing customers to understand and select the phasor that best suits their event's requirements.
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Laser Tag Inflatable Hire

Laser Tag 4 Hire's Inflatable Obstacles Hire provides a quick and easy solution to set up a dynamic battlefield. These 100% portable, free-standing, and weather-resistant inflatables come in various shapes and sizes, including popular wall obstacles. They are designed for hassle-free setup, enhancing any laser tag game by adding exciting elements to the playing field. The inflatables are delivered along with the laser tag equipment, ensuring a complete and engaging experience.
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Paintball Hire

Laser Tag 4 Hire's Paintball Hire offers an action-packed experience, perfect for all ages. The equipment is delivered nationwide for free, a day or two before the event, and includes a range of paintball games. The company ensures a hassle-free booking process and even offers a free tutorial for those within two hours of London. This service is ideal for creating unforgettable memories with friends and family.
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